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Woo hoo!

I updated all the pictures that I have from last weekend. Alexis has three (though I can't figure out what the last one is) and Tisa has one of Alexis.

{Edit:} I lied. I scanned in one picture twice so I have to go back and scan another one in. It's of me and the sexiful Megan!

I'll put all the single pictures of us (besides Alexis.. sorry love.. Tisa has it) in the info section and you can write a blurb about yourself or whathaveyou.

I think this was the first group pic attempt.. didn't work out too well.

Alexis and Tisa are H-O-T-T.. Hot...T.

And again. I think thats my arm.

Looks like Tisa is about to get WASTED!

Oh Lynne.. you sexy beast, let me mount you.

This is the cutest picture! It makes me happy.

This picture.. does not.. What the hell kind of face am I making?

Lynne is.. how do you say? Sex-ee!

I think Megan actually looks super hot hot here.. excuse my lack of artistic..ness with a polaroid.. The pole almost looks cool.. Almost.

Beautiful poolside Tisa

On your marks.. get set.. SWIM! I swear Megan looks like a swimmer here.

Tisa and I sexin' it up as my ass is about to get smizzacked.

Amazing! I almost want to put the Tisa and Wine picture as her info thing.. but I think she looks ultra pretty by the pool.

Today.. Tisa and I made a sing that says "Touch me" and taped it to Brent's butt.. because it was just calling out "Touch me!" even from 30 feet away.
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